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Thesis & Disertation Binding Online

PDF Conversion

Most Word Processing Packages these days offer the ability to save as PDF. Note that we only accept one PDF per Thesis order, you will need to merge files if you have several.

Online PDF Converters

The maximum filesize we allow is 300MB. If your document exceeds this size you may have to look into compressing the document or large image files that it contains.

Merging Documents

We can only accept one PDF file per thesis order. This means you may need to merge together several documents. Some courses require a one page "scholarship form" at the front of the binding before the title page. If you are selecting a duplex print option, be sure to insert an extra blank page after the scholarship form if you do not want your title page to be printed on the reverse side.

PDF Layout


We recommend that you stick to standard fonts wherever possible. If you need to use unusual fonts, that are not supported these must be embedded with your document or they will not display correctly.

Number of Pages Per Binding

The maximum number of pages per binding is 500. We recommend a minimum of 50 pages per binding. Any less than 50 pages, and we may not be able to fit text onto your spine.

Paper Size

All our theses bindings are A4 size (297 x 210 mm / 11.69 x 8.27 inches), however we do support A3 foldouts where necessary, these will be inserted into your thesis as they are found in your PDF file.

If you have any additional material we suggest you view the extra items available for bindings here: Binding Extras

Layout and Margins

Your pages will be inserted into your binding as they appear in your PDF document.

Thesis Printing

Landscape Pages

If you want to use landscape pages make sure they appear as landscape in your thesis document.


We recommend a border of no less than 30mm (1.25 inches) on the sewn edge of your binding (this is the top side for landscape pages, and the left side for portrait pages.)

Embedding Links, Fonts, and WordArt

If the file you submit has graphics or text linked to another file or web page, the PDF conversion may not be able to process the linked elements. These links must be embedded into the source file before converting to PDF. You should make sure all your graphics, images, WordArt, and non-standard fonts are embedded within your document.

Note On Word Art

WordArt deals with drawing objects and thus fonts used with WordArt will not be embedded into your document even with the font embedding option turned on.The only way round this is to make sure that you have used the font elsewhere in your document, so that it can be embedded as described above. Or use standard fonts!