Hollingworth & Moss Library Bookbinders

Thesis & Disertation Binding Online

Thesis Presentation Box

Presentation or "Clam Shell" Box*

Hard cased, fully enclosed presentation box including lettering on spine and front cover.

Thesis Slip Case

Slip Case*

Protective hard cased buckram covered sleeve easy to slip the binding into. Available for all hard bindings.

Thesis Hand Crafted Pocket

Hand Crafted Pocket

An elegant hand made pocket built into the rear board of your thesis. This is suitable for holding loose sheets, photos, maps, and other documents. It can hold up to 20 A4 sheets of paper.

Thesis Insert Sleeve

PVC Insert Sleeve

A transparent PVC sleeve pocket inserted into the rear of your binding. The sleeve will hold loose sheets, such as paper and photographs. This pocket holds up to 10 sheets of paper.

Thesis Printed CD

Printed CD

A CD copy of your Thesis PDF will be provided with the binding.

Thesis CD Pocket

PVC CD Pocket

A transparent PVC pocket for holding CDs that you might want to submit with your thesis. These are inserted onto the inside of your thesis rear cover.

* Not available on the premium (1 day) service.